Massage – What are you going to do to me?!

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Massage

If I actually kept count of how many times clients said that to me I am not sure there would be enough time in the day! LOL

I wanted to touch base on this idea of “Expectations”, because even if you are a veteran recipient of Massage Therapy this idea is not always appropriately addressed. I was listening to a podcast recently where the narrator had said that one of the four things as a human being one ought to be doing is Communicating. How simple is that and sometimes daunting?!

As time has gone by I have had clients see me for a time and then stop. It happens. Yet a lot of the time there is a lack of communication on why, and in talking with other contemporaries it is often the Expectation(s) that were not spoken and not met that will create this situation. This by the way is not limited to just Massage Therapy, because in several discussions with clients it would seem that other medical professionals are not having reoccurring conversations with their patients about expectations.

It is paramount in my mind that if you have a set of expectations of what you want out of your appointment by sharing those will only help both us work towards achieving the goals that you have for your body. Trust me I am willing and can receive constructive criticisms, and like to think I have “thick skin”/professionalism that will allow me to not take it personally. With that being said, having been a massage therapist in the Quad Cities for the last 16 years, I can readily refer you to a number of great massage therapists with ease that may be a better fit. But it comes from having a consistent conversation about expectations.

So here is to your health & wellness! I look forward to meeting you, your body, & story at the massage table!