Why I do this thing called Massage Therapy

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Massage

First and foremost you will have to give me a little space and forgiveness as I write the way I talk! Haha cough cough

Second, I feel strongly that it is an honor for people to come in to receive body work from me, because it demonstrates that each client is trusting me with not only their body, but their story as well. Now let’s jump into my “Why”!

Early in my adulthood & first marriage I was gifted a massage in my home by a lovely lady. I asked her, like so many have asked me, “Why do you do this?”. Her reply was very simple and to the point in that she wanted to provide for her family and love what she is doing. THAT sparked a truth in my brain! So I started researching what that would look like to pursue this massage thing. Keep in mind that I had only my diploma from high school, and a toddler with a relatively new marriage to a sailor who definitely would have us moving every four years.

Needless to say, I got a return on that marriage and the first thing I did was enroll in Massage School. There was something very right about helping other people, but on my terms and still be able to create more for my family at the same time.

As I got through the education my love for the whole human body and its perfect chorus of systems just blew up into needing to know more! I was DONE. I knew I had to spend whatever time and resources to learn more. And I did.

I won’t lie. It is incredibly satisfying to see the work of your labors! Then add the bonus of being trusted with someone’s story…people are amazing. As I learned and learn still more about the human body, my desire to help people move beyond _______ just increases. We deserve to not be in pain and to be able to functionally do MORE.

So here is to your health & wellness! I look forward to meeting you at the table and starting a different story for your body!