Microblading – Is It For You?

by | May 22, 2017 | Permanent Makeup

Often when ladies come in, they are a little reserved about getting Microblading because they are afraid it will change their look. I admit, that used to be me too. This picture is a beautiful example that we can match your brow shape and color to the make up you were using prior. The only thing we are changing is how much time you spend on your brows in the morning and the worry of reapplying your make up throughout the day. We can make them look even and fuller naturally. You will look beautiful with Belle La Vie 3D Brows 24/7. All day, all night, at the gym, pool days and out of the shower. Schedule your appointment today. #Bellelaviebrows #iwokeupthisbeautiful #microbladingquadcities