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Please bring a mask. During your appt, you are required to wear a mask. Reschedule your appointment if you have been around someone with COVID-19 symptoms, you have traveled in the last 14 days, or you have symptoms yourself. Stay home if you are sick.


Kim Steinhauser

Certified PMU Technician
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Corey Dockery

Licensed Aesthitician
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The Nail

Teresa Harrington

Licensed Nail Specialist
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Permanent Makeup

In The Belle La Vie Beauty Bar

Permanent Makeup by BelleLa Vie MicrobladingKim Steinhauser

Licensed PMU Technician

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The Quad Cities Premier Permanent Makeup Salon

Belle La Vie specializes in Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Powder Brows, Combo Brows, and Scalp Micro-Pigmentation. We are experts in determining what process is best for your particular situation.

We blend technology, skill, and artistry to give you beautiful eyebrows. Wake up beautiful every day with permanent makeup from Belle La Vie! 801-916-5755 

Microblading Frequent Questions 

Microblading Aftercare

Kim SteinhauserKim is the owner of Belle La Vie and brought Microblading to the Quad Cities. Kim is a licensed Permanent Makeup Technician and the resident Brow Artist.

Come see Kim and find out for yourself why people love her work.

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and moved to Bettendorf in 2014. I have been blessed with the most amazing husband in the world and two beautiful kids; Austin and Kora. We love the outdoors and spend a lot of time boating, fishing, camping and staying healthy.

Prior to launching Belle La Vie, I worked in the dental field and enjoy all things that are related to health and fashion. In 2016 I completed Microblading training in Salt Lake City and received my certification as a Microblade technician. I continue to attend regular Permanent Makeup training to stay current on the latest techniques and procedures. I have received over 10 certifications from the State of Iowa, Department of Public Health Tattoo Program.

Belle La Vie MicrobladingMicroblading is designed to resemble realistic hair like strokes. You would want microblading if you have little to no brow hair to give your brows a more natural look. It is placed with a hand tool that has 12 tiny pins on it and almost resembles a razor blade. Basically, we are creating little tiny papercuts with pigment deposited in each one. Sounds awful, but it doesn’t hurt because you are numbed 20 minutes before the procedure begins.

Healing time is about 2 weeks. Microblading is dry heal, you cannot sweat/exercise or get them wet while healing. A light ointment is applied daily to help the skin to heal.

It may sound intense but it is a very easy process and following after care instructions will give you stunningly beautiful, realistic brows that can last up to 12 months!

Microblading FAQ 

Microblading Aftercare

  • Initial Microblading (2 hrs) – $400
  • 8 Week Touchup (1.25 hrs) – N/C
  • Annual Touch Up (1.25 hrs) – $100
  • Color Correction (1.5 hrs) – $200

Belle La Vie Microblading Powder BrowPowder Brow is designed to give your brows a full “powdered look” without having to apply makeup every day. It is placed by a tattoo machine, and there are multiple different needles that can be used to get this look. It is still considered semi-permanent as we are staying in the epidermis layer, and can last up to 18 months. Healing process is the same as microblading, however this procedure gives you more flexibility with exercising/sweating while healing. There are many names for this look; powder brow, ombre brow, shaded brow, the list can go on but its all the same. You would pick powder brow if you have brow hair but just want a fuller look. 

  • Initial Powder Brow (2 hrs) – $400
  • 8 Week Touchup (1.25 hrs) – N/C
  • Annual Touch Up (1.25 hrs) – $100

Belle La Vie Combo BrowCombo Brow, AKA Blade & Shade. This is a mixture of the best of both worlds – microblading and powder brow. This is quickly becoming BelleLaVie’s most popular brow. This is for those who have a little brow hair but also want that fuller look. In this picture above, we performed microblading and powder in the back. There are multiple ways to add hair strokes and powder  throughout the brow. We all have that one “Dollar general Brow” (lol quote by Alyssa) which is the trouble maker, and a perfect brow that always looks good. Combo brow is perfect to help even out the brows so that we have two beautiful brows.

The healing for Combo Brow would be the same as just microblading since we will be putting some microblading strokes in where there is hair missing. Results from combo brow will make you wake up smiling! 

  • Initial Combo Brow (2 hrs) – $400
  • 8 Week Touchup (1.25 hrs) – N/C
  • Annual Touch Up (1.25 hrs) – $100

Permanent Makeup 2Our “Microchanneling” service is microneedling… evolved! Microchanneling is collagen stimulation by microchannel delivery of peptides, growth factors & cytokines. A tiny array of micro-filaments is is gently applied to create thousands of stimulating microchannels in your skin. It rejuvenates with little to no recovery time, and produces both corrective and anti-aging benefits. It’s a favorite from Hollywood to New York, and provides skin rejuvenation that you will see!

Procell Therapies

Procell MicroChanneling & Stem Cell Therapy was developed in America by a Licensed Aesthetician and a Board Certified Dermatologist.

Belle La Vie Procell TreatmentProcell improves the appearance of aging skin, increases the vitality of your skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne & acne scarring. It also improves the clinical health of your skin by stimulating a rejuvenation cascade that your body has built in, just waiting to be activated! Procell turns it on!

  • ProCell Therapy – Face, Chest, Hands (1.5 hrs) – $200
  • ProCell Therapy – Scalp (.75 hrs) – $190

Belle La Vie Lip Blush

  • Lip Blush Procedure – $50


Belle La Vie Permanent Eyeliner


  • Permanent Eyeliner (3 hrs) – $250



Scalp MicropigmentationUsing detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp, Scalp Micropigmentation helps give the appearance of fuller hair. Scalp Micropigmentation is also great when it comes to concealing scars.


Scalp Micropigmentation FAQ


What is scalp micropigmentation? Scalp micropigmentation is the art of placing small deposits of pigment into the skin to perfectly replicate the look of a hair follicle. This procedure is done with specialized tools/needles that have been shaped to perfection and with pigments that are designed for this specific application. This is a very natural looking results for those who are experiencing hair loss, pattern baldness, receding hairlines or are looking for a more defined hairline.


Does it hurt? There is usually no discomfort during the SMP procedure and anesthetics are rarely used. However, we can offer topical anesthetic if desired.


Who is a good candidate for scalp micropigmentation? Scalp micropigmentation is perfect for those individuals who are tired of feeling embarrassed about thinning, balding or receding hairlines. Having the SMP procedure done will help give you back the confidence you deserve and improve your overall appearance.


How long does the treatment take? Every case is unique and can take anywhere from 2-6 hours. On average, SMP usually takes about 3-4 treatment sessions. However, some cases may take more depending on the skin and other factors. SMP is a process and we want you to have the best results.


How long does scalp micropigmentation last? After completion of the SMP (3-4) sessions, results can last up to 2-3 years. Over time clients may find their color lightening and will seek a touch up and continue to enjoy all the benefits of having completely natural results.


Aftercare: There is a 7 day healing process. There is no down time and no need to take time off work. There may be some redness for a few hours but feel free to wear a hat during that time as long as it doesn’t touch the area treated. Days 1-4 are the most crucial and we will provide you with very detailed aftercare instructions.


How much does it cost? Each case is unique and will vary. BelleLaVie offers free consultations and price will be discussed at the consultation. We charge by the case and not by individual appointments. We aim for perfection and will not rush you through. We want you to love your results!


Can I get SMP if I had hair transplants? Absolutely! Scalp micropigmentation won’t hurt your hair transplants, but can actually help add density to give you a fuller look. SMP can also help camouflage unwanted FUE/FUT scars left over from your hair transplant procedure.  You are also able to receive hair transplants after scalp micropigmentation procedure.



  • Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure – Per Case Basis


Belle La Vie Microblading
Belle La Vie Microblading
Belle La Vie Microblading
Belle La Vie Microblading

COR Aesthetics

In The Belle La Vie Beauty Bar

COR Aesthetics LogoCorey Dockery

Licensed Aesthetician

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At COR Aesthetics each client is unique and deserving of a customized skin care plan. We offer peels, waxing, and facials that will revitalize you and make you feel fantastic. We invite you to call and schedule your free personal skin care consultation. 563-505-3875

CoreyCorey takes the time to get to know her clients and determine their individual skin care needs. You’ll love the warm, relaxing atmosphere of the Belle La Vie Beauty Bar suites and you’ll leave your appointment feeling refreshed and renewed.

I am a graduate of Capri College in Davenport and a licensed aesthetician. I specialize in the health and beauty of skin care. I offer premium services and provide the utmost in customer satisfaction.”

COR Aesthetics offers cosmetic facials to relax you and rejuvenate your skin. You’ll love them all.

Glo Express

Glo Express is a customized 45 minute facial that includes a cleanse, exfoliation, toner, masque, and hydration. This is a great introductory facial or for someone always on the go. (45 minutes – $45)

Glo Back In Time

Glo Back In Time is an anti-aging facial that will smooth, soften, and revitalize your complexion. This advanced treatment utilizes plant stem cell technology so skin is nourished with vitamins and botanicals during a relaxing massage. Followed by an application of a specialized serum and mask designed to help regain elasticity and plumpness. Your skin is left looking lifted and lustrous. (1 hour – $60)

Brighten Your Glo

Brighten Your Glo facial will revitalize tired, dull skin from the inside out with a powerful blend of antioxidant brighteners and moisturizing agents. These products are specially formulated to treat hyper-pigmentation and even out skin tone as well as boost your skin’s glow with a healthy dose of vitamin C. (1 hour – $60)

Glo Pure-Fection

The Glo Pure-Fection facial targets existing breakouts while drawing out impurities and refining texture to fight future flareups. Enzymatic exfoliation softens and preps the skin to clear debris from follicles followed by a clay treatment mask to draw out excess oil. Medicated ingredients purify the skin, reduce bacteria as well as skin irritations. (1 hour – $60)

Glo Gentleman’s Facial

The Glo Gentleman’s Facial is a customized facial that will help reduce inflammation from razor bumps, reduce pore size, brighten uneven skin tone, and reduce excess oil production. This is a no-fuss facial designed just for the guys to help get your Glo, Bro! (45 minutes – $45)

Green Envee Signature Facial

This signature facial is customizable and will blend nature, science, and organic ingredients to deliver significant results. Clients will choose preferred aromatherapy scent for facial massage which is balanced for all skin types and conditions. (45 minutes – $65)

Wellness Signature Facial

The Wellness Signature Facial blends nature + science with high potency herbs, bioactive essential oils, and wild + organic ingredients that deliver amazing results. A therapeutic oil blend of Ashwangandha Root + Frankincense Resin is used to stimulate collagen production achieving a restored, youthful experience. A relaxing Ayurvedic massage with marmapoint therapy to finish the facial will promote inner peace to the mind + body. (1 hour – $70)

Pumpkin Glycolic Enzyme Peel

Discover glowing skin with the enzymatic process of organic pumpkin + exfoliation techniques with glycolic acid. Revitalize dull, aging skin with this antioxidant power treatment! The stimulating action of glycolic acid and bilberry + clove increases cell turnover, brightens skin, and reduces fine lines + wrinkles. This facial is recommended for a series of weekly treatments for 4-6 weeks for optimal results. (30 minutes – $50)

Glo Calm Down

Signal soothing relief with the exclusive treatment designed to safeguard skin with powerful anti-inflammatories, hydrators and antioxidants to revitalize, increase strength and enhance radiance. Light exfoliation helps to gently encourage smoother skin and allows for soothing agents to work on a deeper level, providing serious calming action to even the most sensitive skin. (1 hour – $60)


Eyebrow (30 minutes - $15)


Lip (30 minutes – $10)


Chin (30 minutes – $15)


Cheeks (30 minutes – $15)

Whole Face/Neck

Whole Face/Neck (45 minutes – $50)

Nose or Ears

Nose or Ears (30 minutes – $10)


Underarms (45 minutes – $25)

Half Arm

Half Arm (30 minutes – $30)

Full Arm

Full Arm (45 minutes – $45)


Chest waxing starts at $45 and may increase due to amount of hair and if trimming is necessary to provide complete removal. (1 hour – $45)


Back waxing starts at $45 and may increase due to the amount of hair or if trimming is necessary to achieve complete removal. (1 hour – $45)

French Bikini

French Bikini waxing starts at $45 and may increase due to amount or hair and if trimming is necessary to achieve complete removal. The French will remove hair from the top, inner and outer thigh only. Labia and backside are not addressed in this service. (45 minutes – $45)

Full Leg

Full Leg (45 minutes – $60)

Lower Leg

Lower Leg (45 minutes – $40)

Full Body

Includes Full Face, Underarms, Full Arm, Full Leg, and a French Bikini (1 hour 30 minutes – $200)

ProCell Therapy

ProCell Improves the appearance of aging skin, increases the vitality of your skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne & acne scarring. It also improves the clinical health of your skin by stimulating a rejuvenation cascade that your body has built in, just waiting to be activated! ProCell MicroChanneling is Microneedling Evolved!

Pro Cell Treatment (1 hour 30 minutes - $200)

B.T Micro Extractions

B.T Micro Extractions (15 minutes - $15)

High Frequency

Used to treat a variety of conditions including acne, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles and puffy or dark eyes. (5 minutes - $10)

Gly Pro Resurfacing Peel

Gly pro resurfacing peel (10 minutes - $35)

Beta Clarity Peel

Beta Clarity Peel (10 minutes - $35)

Hydra Radiance Peel

Hydra Radiance Peel (10 minutes - $35)

COR Aesthetics
COR Aesthetics
COR Aesthetics
COR Aesthetics

The Nail Studio

Premier Quad Cities Nail Salon

The Nail StudioTeresa Harrington

Licensed Nail Specialist

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The Nail Studio – a nail boutique that specializes in private one-on-one nail services. Come relax in a peaceful, quiet, spa-like atmosphere. Listen to your customized music mix during your appointment. We are the premier Quad Cities Nail Salon and we provide the best nail services in a clean, cute, cozy, and friendly environment. Great nails don’t have to be expensive. If your nails aren’t becoming to you then you should be coming to The Nail Studio. 251-232-7792

New clients receive $5 off any one service

TeresaI have been a licensed nail specialist since 2002 but have been actively working full-time since 2007. Opening my own nail studio has been a dream of mine because I always knew that there was a better way to provide nail services to my clients. I come to the beauty industry with a strong retail sales background and I firmly believe in legendary customer service. I strive to practice that daily in the studio and believe that once you give me a try you’ll never want to go back.

Come see why I was voted a QC Find Now – Nail Salon Fan Favorite!

The Nail Studio is the Premier Quad Cities Nail Salon. We offer a full line of manicures. We know you’ll love your nails!

Soak nails/Clean around and under nails/Cuticle work/File/Buff/Moisturizer/Light Massage/Natural Nail polish
Express Manicure
Trim or file nails/Buff/Polish nails - $10
Gel Polish Manicure
Remove gel polish/Trim or file nails/Push back cuticles/Buff/Gel polish application
Dip Powder Manicure
1 hour 15 minutes Starting at $35
Nail Art
45 minutes Price Varies
Gel Polish Add On
30 minutes $5
Builder Gel Manicure
1 hour 15 minutes 45.00 $45
Dip & Gel Manicure
2 hours $50
Nail Polish Change
Remove nail polish/Push back cuticles/File/Buff/Polish
Treat your feet at the premier Quad Cities Nail Salon!

1 hour $35
Express Pedicure
Soak, trim and shape nails, light cuticle work, buff, and lotion application. Does not include scrub or massage.
Toe Nail Polish Change
Gel Polish Add On - Toes
30 minutes $5


The Nail Studio - Pedicure

Tip Extensions starting at $5
Gift Certificates Available!
Tha Nail Studio
Tha Nail Studio
Tha Nail Studio
Tha Nail Studio

Belle La Vie Beauty Bar

Beautiful Brows and So Much More

Get Social With Us

HeartPrepare to be PAMPERED!

Microblading ◊ Powder Brows ◊ Combo Brows ◊ ProCell ◊ Waxing ◊ Peels ◊ Lips ◊ Nails

Belle La Vie Beauty Bar is the premier salon in the Quad Cities for permanent makeup, microblading, aesthetics, nails and more.

The Quad Cities original Microblading salon has expanded to include a full range of Permanent Makeup,Procell Therapies, Cosmetic Facials, Body Waxing, Gel Nails, and Custom Manicures & Pedicures. The addition of  COR Aesthetics, and The Nail Studio compliment and enhance our already impressive line of services.

You can be assured of top quality products and service from all of our fully licensed Belle La Vie Beauty Bar staff. You’ll love the warm, inviting and relaxing environment and you’ll leave your appointment feeling refreshed and looking beautiful.

Our convenient location on the 53rd Street corridor is super clean, cozy and inviting. Our exceptional staff always make you feel comfortable and takes the time to explain any of our services and answer your questions.

Come see us and find out why our clients rave about us.

Keep up on the latest permanent makeup trends in our Beauty Bar News. Visit often for lots of great tips and photos.

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