How to choose your microblading technician

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Permanent Makeup

Hello Quad Cities!

With so many new microblading artists on the rise, I think it is important to have a better understanding on who to trust. I just recently have learned that there are some microblading technicians out there that are offering to come to your house to do the microblading. This is not safe or sanitary on so many levels. Infections can occur and results could be terrible. As a microblading technician I think it is important to do your research on your technician before jumping in their chair. I have come up with a few things that I think are important to help you make the best decision.

#1. View their work. Everyday I get phone calls and usually the first question is “how much?”. I believe that should be the last question. Microblading is very artistic and you should find someone whos work you admire. Color theory and technique is everything. Go on their web page, view their work, look for their healed result pictures.  Everyone will retain pigment differently and some will hold more pigment than others. But what you are looking for is how crisp and consistent their healed strokes are and if the color is a beautiful brown that matches the client. Pictures can say a thousand words.

#2. Are they licensed by the state? This is important because this means not only has the technician done all their homework and are legal to work, it also means that the health department inspects the facility yearly and they are meeting the correct codes with safety and sanitation. Also, it is illegal to tattoo or microblade anyone out of the house. It blew my mind to hear that the technician was willing to come to your house to microblade. All I could think about was how many people would be at risk for infections.

#3. Meet the technician in person before scheduling the microblading procedure. Most places should offer free consultation appointments that should only take about 30 minutes. That will help you get a feel for the technician, get to know their personality and knowledge on the matter. Makes sure their facility looks clean and the person and the place makes you feel comfortable. At this time you could have any questions answered, medical issues discussed (if any) and deem what’s best for you. Also makes sure the technician is easy to get a hold of, and will return your calls, emails and texts when you have questions. After all, once you find the right technician you become brow buddies for life 🙂

#4. Read their reviews. Other peoples reviews and experiences help a lot. Not every technician is going to have perfect reviews, but the good should definitely out weigh the bad. Word of mouth is also a good way to help you find the right place.