Day 7 of Microblading Roller Coaster Ride

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Permanent Makeup

Day 7 of Microblading Roller Coaster Ride 1Eh, I am flaking and scabbing like crazy!! I want to pick so bad, but I know that isn’t the best idea because it can pull my pigment out. My brows that I did this time is an ombre look. That is, microblading strokes in the front and shading on the tails. Notice on my right brow how it looks darker in some areas and lighter at the top and tail, that is what is meant when your brow tech says it will darken the first week, then the color will soften. It will be really pretty when I’m done shedding like a snake and don’t have to hide under a hat. One week down and one more to go.