Microblading is a Roller Coaster Ride.

by | Jun 7, 2017 | Permanent Makeup

Microblading is a Roller Coaster Ride. 1Microblading is a Roller Coaster Ride. 2

Microblading quad citiesHello everybody! Microblading is a roller coaster ride for everyone. The first day you love them, clean them as directed and cant stop looking at them. The next morning is a panic, you think they are too dark and wonder if you made the right decision and feel everybody is staring at you. The next few days you get use to them and get lots of compliments. Then they start to flake and heal uneven. The panic and worry returns. At the end of two weeks the color softens as promised and you might have a few strokes that didn’t take. That is what the touch up is for. The love returns because you no longer worry if your brows need makeup because they are always looking beautiful. ALL OF THIS IS NORMAL!! lol! I just had my brows done last night and have decided to document my microblading 2 week experience. I have strokes in the front and shading on the tails. I will post a picture every day so you can see what to expect. These pics are yesterday night (before and during the procedure) and the close up brow pic is of this morning. They are way darker this morning as the color is oxidizing. I know this is normal so no panic on my part. During the procedure there was a little sensitivity at the end  because I metabolized the numbing agent quickly. She applied more numbing agent and all was well. She did a fantastic job and my strokes are placed so beautifully. I’m excited to see the healed results. Keep following to see the full two week microblading roller coaster ride experience.