The Healing Process

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Permanent Makeup

I think its always good to have a reminder of how the microblading process works,

You finally make the appointment to get your brows done. Anxiety may have been holding you back but now its all excitement. The microblading artist starts to design the brows, the shape is approved and then the microblading begins. Once you see your new brows for the first time, you cant hold back the excitement. Selfies are taken and you cant stop staring, you’re in love! The brows start to darken, there is wonder if the color will stay that dark, but still love that you don’t have to do anything to your new brows. When you wake up, get out of the shower, and throughout the day they are still there. Perfection! Then one morning, a dark flake falls off, then another falls off and it looks really light underneath. A text goes to the microblading artist to ask if this is normal??

Yes totally normal, All the dark will flake off as the top layer of the epidermis sloths off. Not all the strokes will stay 100% the first time, but what does stay will surface in the 3rd week. At the touchup appointment, the strokes that didn’t take will get patched up and you will be back to loving your brows again. The touch up appointment is magic! Microblading is like an emotional roller coaster ride, but totally worth going through the process.