The Cold Weather Skin SOS Guide

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Blog

Winter’s harsh elements can truly wreck skin, causing dryness, irritation, and accelerated aging. As the icy gales blow, don’t let the plummeting temperatures deteriorate your complexion too! Now is the time to nourish, restore and pamper yourself with Belle La Vie Beauty Bar’s renewing treatments.

Between blustery winds, snowdrifts and low humidity, all the makings for winter skin woes exist. The dropping mercury deprives skin of much needed moisture, distressing the protective barrier. Flakes, tightness, dullness and redness often flare as a result.

Additionally, the environment and lifestyle habits like cranking indoor heat, hot showers, alcohol consumption and inadequate SPF use during winter sun exposure generate the perfect storm of problems for complexions. The daily assault leaves skin lackluster, irritated, vulnerable and prone to showing signs of premature aging.

But the seasonal skincare struggle doesn’t have to leave you high and dry! Belle La Vie Beauty Bar offers the full gamut of nourishing, revitalizing services to undo winter’s damages. Whether you indulge in one of our glow restoring facials, supportive injectable treatments, revitalizing massage or permanent makeup options, we’ve got you covered.

Now is the time to reconnect with your ideal skin self through Belle La Vie’s exceptional offerings! Browse our winter skin saviors below and book your rejuvenating skin session today:


Don’t allow the long, frigid months to jeopardize your complexion another day! With Belle La Vie Beauty Bar’s winter skincare support, you can defend, nourish and reveal your gorgeous best self all season long. We can’t wait to pamper and protect you!