New Service Alert: Custom Tattoo Artistry Now Available!

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Blog

We’re excited to welcome budding tattoo artist Hayle Strobel to the Belle La Vie Beauty Bar team! Hayle brings a passion for tattooing and strong artistic talents.

Hayle focuses on creating bright, versatile tattoo concepts tailored to each client. She thrives working one-on-one to transform ideas into meaningful, quality tattoos.

Hayle says: “I love collaborating with clients to create personalized, unique designs. Tattooing is incredibly rewarding for me. I enjoy making the appointment fun while crafting body art you’ll truly love.”

Schedule a custom consultation with Hayle to explore your vision for a new tattoo. She looks forward to building long-term relationships with clients as her talents progress.

We’re delighted to welcome Hayle Strobel to Belle La Vie as she pursues her passion for ink and mastery of this complex art form! Let her create something beautiful and permanent for you.

Contact Hayle at (309) 212-9712