Here at Belle La Vie 3D Brows we aim for perfection and wish for you to have the best possible results with your microblading experience. Everyone’s skin is different and will react differently: some will heal faster, some skin retains pigment better/longer, some take better care of their skin, and every body’s environment/elements vary. Also, nobody’s eye brows are exactly the same, it is our goal to make them match as closely as possible, but nature does play a role in the contour of our brows. Please follow this after care guidelines for the best possible results.

AVOID GETTING BROWS WET, except for wiping with distilled gauze on the first day, once an hour until bed. Do not saturate the brows with the ointment because your skin needs oxygen to heal. Lightly apply ointment every day for 8 days (or more if needed) after procedure. If you have excessively oily skin, ointment may not be needed. If you have oily skin, apply ointment 1 time a day. If you have dry skin, you can lightly apply ointment up to 3-4 times a day.  If your brows happen to get wet during healing phase, pat them dry with a clean tissue, DO NOT RUB.

NO MAKE-UP, lotions or creams should be applied on or around the brows for 14 days during the healing process.

DO NOT RUB, SCRATCH, and OR PICK AT YOUR BROWS while they are healing to avoid pigment loss and scaring. It is normal to have flakes and lifting during the healing process, don’t pick at them. The flakes need to fall off on their own to prevent loss of pigment and scarring. It is also normal to have itching, don’t scratch. To alleviate area, gently tap or touch with a clean finger or Q-tip.

Avoid tanning and sun exposure during healing process. We recommend sunscreen after healing process so the pigment doesn’t fade.

Avoid laser treatments or other cosmetic treatments 6 weeks before and after microblading.

Avoid swimming, Jacuzzi, saunas, and excessive sweating. This causes the pores to expand which causes the pigment blur and lose color.

You will need to get real creative when showering. Take baths, have a salon wash your hair, whatever you have to do to keep the brows dry. DON’T GET THEM WET.

Excessive alcohol intake may result in slow healing of wounds.

Do not use Peroxide, Neosporin, Retin-A or Glycolic Acids in the area while healing.

Do not dye, exfoliate, wax or tweeze eyebrows until brows are fully healed.

Do not exercise for 14 days. Your pores expand and sweat can cause your pigment to blur, fade and possibly not hold. Avoid swimming and hot yoga for 30 days until brows are fully healed.

If possible, try to sleep on your back for 10 days and be mindful of not scratching in your sleep.

Botox, micro needling, chemical peel or facials of any kind should wait until brows are completely healed (about 30-45 days).

If you are planning to have an MRI scan, please inform your physician that you have just had microblading/semi-permanent make up done. The pigments may contain nickel and iron oxide which could possibly alter your MRI results.

Please note that everybody’s regeneration of cells is different, and results may vary. Brows will be darker for the first 1-2 weeks, and then will soften as time goes on. It is normal to have at least 10-15% of pigment to fade. The body naturally tries to fight off foreign things placed in the body. For this reason, microblading is a two-step process (sometimes 3) and we will schedule you a follow up appointment in 6-8 weeks. You may notice the eyebrows will appear darker after the procedure, this is normal and brows will soften after two weeks. Itching, scabbing and flaking are normal and may appear in the first two weeks, it is important that you do not pick at microbladed area. If you have a question or a concern, don’t hesitate to call or text, I will respond as soon as possible. Kim Wayman 801-916-5755.

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